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From time to time we open up the opportunity for families to become Guardians.

In a guardianship arrangement, a high quality puppy is offered to a family at no cost and (for the most part) becomes a member of their family.

Once dogs reach breeding age, they return to Glenroy Cavoodles for the period of breeding/whelping. 

This arrangement we believe is win/win! We now have several guardians in our breeding program and have loved the chance to share in the joys of breeding a Guardian pet.

Our guardian families are welcome to visit their dog often and are even involved in naming the puppies. There is also some financial reward for the Guardian Families.  

Guardianship is a contractual agreement with everything spelled out - to keep everything transparent and clear for both parties. 

Guardians must be close in proximity to the Eyre Peninsula. For more information please message Glenroy Cavoodles  via facebook. 

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