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I choose to align myself with other reputable, responsible breeders in South Australia (not puppy farms or backyard breeders!).

The price for a Cavoodle puppies vary and start at $4000 - please check my rightpaw links to see current pricing 

In this price you will receive an extensive puppy pack.

 This includes:

  • Thorough Vet check 

  • 1st C3 Vaccinations

  • Micro-chipping

  • Up to date worming (incuding 2 additional doses)

  • A bag of Premium Dog food and premium treats

  • A treat puzzle

  • A waterbottle

  • A heartbeat Toy

  • Premium sample shampoo and conditioner

  • A Personalised Collar

  • A slicker brush

  • 8 weeks Pet Insurance with Knose

  • Access to Educational Modules to prepare you for bringing Puppy home. 

Image (002).jpeg
  • Puppies are extensively trained for Early Neurological Development using the Carmen Battaglia research method and puppy culture socialisation training. We align with the "Bad Ass Breeder" program. We crate train each puppy so that the first nights are not stressful to you or your puppy. That is the Glenroy difference. 

  • Puppies begin crate training for the last week of their time at Glenroy Cavoodles - to ensure a smooth transition to being without siblings. I am more than happy to support you to take this further but I personally believe in not forcing my choices on you - you get to choose! I will support you no matter what you decide :)

  • Though I live on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, I am happy to support you with travel to collect your puppy. We will discuss this at the time of your commitment.

  • You will also get my commitment to ongoing support with your puppy. As a breeder of cavoodles for 7 years I am committed to helping you as much or as little as you need.



Initially a $500 deposit is payable to secure your puppy, and payments must be finalised one week prior to puppy delivery/pickup.

I currently accept 2 methods of payment:

* Puppies can be purchased through bank deposit.

* Rightpaw also offer Rightpay which adds some additional guarantees for a small fee. 



 All puppies will be allocated through our the RightPaw application portal - for direct access, to portal, click on the logo below. 



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Your Financial Commitment

In purchasing a cavoodle you are making a commitment to the health and wellbeing of your dog for all of it years. Cavoodles tend to live until they are 12-14 years of age. They require frequent grooming (6-9 weeks). They eat premium kibble which is more expensive than supermarket pet food. They are prone to health issues including weak stomach, ear issues, grass seeds, luxating patellas and anal gland problems requiring consistent vet support.

If you are finding the cost of purchasing overwhelming on your family budget - you must take these other items into consideration to ensure you are able to commit long term. 

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