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All About Us


Hi my name is Beck and this is my family. We are the people behind "Glenroy Cavoodles". I am a Preschool Director and my husband is a Sheep and Grain Farmer on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. Glenroy is the name of the family farm. 

My family have been breeding Cavoodles since 2016​. We focus on making the transition from our loving home to yours as easy as possible, through curriculum and socialisation program for our puppies and education and support for new puppy families. 

We believe in responsible​,​ transparent and caring home breeding.  Our breeding dogs are members of our family, and we work with guardian families to ensure all dogs belong to attentive, loving homes. 

We breed Toy, Mini and Large Mini Cavoodles. Our toy-sized puppies weigh between 4-7kg. I expect mini puppies to reach 8-10kg and large minis are over 10 kg.


An understanding of how colour presents in genetics makes a picture of our coming litters clear. We pride ourselves on breeding some of the darkest red Cavoodles called "mahogany". We also have the most divine chocolate and unique "chocolate merles".   

 We are working towards Multi-generational breeding, however are also experimenting with a breed-back to Cavalier, inviting more of those wonderful Cavalier traits without impacting the classic "Cavoodle look" and low shed properties. 

We prefer to sell our puppies in South Australia only - our puppies are to be pets (not for breeding) and desexing is a requirement of our contract with you. I begin making contact with you as you move up the waitlist​,​ 

We have been assessed by "Rightpaw" vets and verified as using ethical practices. They have also classified us as an "Outstanding Breeder" - The Outstanding Breeder program celebrates breeders who are meeting exceptional standards across health, socialisation and customer service. 

We sell only through Righpaw and links to the application portal can be found by clicking the rightpaw logo above. 



​In order to align with "Rightpaw" ethical breeding practices we commit to the following: 

  • A sales agreement outlining our commitment to the health of your puppy. Our dogs do NOT have testable genetic diseases. 

  • Expenses for the treatment of preventable genetic and/or health problems present from birth which arise within the first 12 months of the dogs life are the responsibility of the breeder, up to the price of the animal. This also includes costs and veterinary care associated with any diseases or injuries present during the time of sale. Breeders must cover these costs up to the price of the animal (no more than the cost of the animal is claimable). 

  • We the breeder are responsible for supporting the re-homing of any owned animals in our care or that have been bred. 

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