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Puppy Parents

Let us introduce you to our puppy parents. Beck takes pride in learning about  each dogs genetic traits and is thorough in her research of how to breed the preferred traits into her puppies. Importantly our dogs and puppies  are well-socialised . We follow the "Bad Ass breeder"  socialisation curriculum  from 0-8 weeks of age.


Chilli Blossom the Toy Cavoodle


Chilli has been with us for a couple of years now and is still as stunning as ever. She has taken to motherhood in the best possible way and often acts as surrogate to our newly weaned pups. She has a lot of patience and is a nurturer. 

She loves  sneaking into Sadie's room and cuddles galore with her favourite human! We think her colouring (including her adorable white socks makes for some pretty amazing puppies. 


Rumi Pearl the Toy Cavoodle


Rumi Pearl went into a Guardianship last year with a wonderful EP family. She is one of the puppies we have proudly bred ourselves so she holds a special place in our hearts. She is named after my favourite philosopher and you can find his quotes littered through my house. Her amber eyes set her apart from the other dogs and are the window to her soul. They also tell us that genetically she carries chocolate! 

Saffron (Saffy) the Mini Cavoodle


We have proudly bred Saffron here at Glenroy Cavoodles and we think she is a stunner. That white muzzle has taken many attempts (though we had one in our first litter) - I am happy that I have found just the right cross to achieve this look, 

Saffron is a LARGE mini cavoodle which we are excited to be including in our breeding. Mini's mean a larger, more robust dog. We hope this means less "toy related" health issues when breeding. She is about 10kg. 


Juniper - Guardian Mini Cavoodle


Juniper (Juni) is one of Saffron's puppies and is one super loved Guardian dog - her Dad is popular Mahogany red stud Romeo from QLD.

Being a Guardian means she lives with her family in Adelaide but comes back to our Glenroy family for breeding. Juni's bestie is Archie the Bordoodle - a past Glenroy puppy. I am told by her Mum Elita that she is like a "walking teddy bear" - Juni has great genetics, so we expect her to have puppies that are dark red with the possibility of gorgeous white patches like her mumma. We are excited to breed her with Finn for his final litter. We have not kept any of Finn's puppies so are super excited about this possibility! Breeding to commence in 2025.


Waffles - the Cavalier 


Waffles is new to our breeding program and our first Cavalier. I havent felt the need to own a Cavalier before now - I do love the idea of owning the same breed i am breeding - rather than two separate breeds.

However the deeper I get into breeding Cavoodles, the more I am wanting to amp up those wonderful Cavalier traits.

When we breed a higher generation Cavoodle with a Cavalier we can still achieve puppies who have the classic Cavoodle looks, but have exceptional facial structure and will hopefully take on the Cavalier calm - we call this kind of breed an "ULTRA".  


Minnie - Guardian Toy Cavoodle


Minnie was a welcome addition to my bestie Samara's family. They had been wanting a dog for so long but needed to wait until their home was pet approved.  

We were so happy the day we went to pick up Minnie from the Airport, flying in from Tasmania! 

 Minnie loves cuddles, and playing chasey and fetch. She doesn't mind the odd sock either! - 

She will have her first litter in the second half of 2024 with pairings to be confirmed. 

She will produce - Chocolate, Caramel, possibly Chocolate Merle. 


Reba - Guardian Toy Cavoodle


After a successful Guardianship in the family, Gail decided to take the opportunity to be Reba's Guardian Mum - surprising her partner Duncan with a long awaited puppy. 

Reba loves to cuddle, go for walks, socialise and play fetch! Gail says she is truly a little pocket rocket with an enormous amount of love for everyone. 

Reba is a First Generation Cavoodle and has lovely conformation and structure. Her colour is an intense dark red. She has white markings in her genetics so we can expect pups with a chest blaze like hers, or white socks or even a white muzzle. She will be bred later in the year with pairings to be confirmed. 



Bowie Mini Cavoodle 


Bowie is our beautiful blue-eyed boy. His incredible

colours come from the "Merle" gene which affects the pigment in the coat causing the most unpredictable splotches of dark and light patches. 

Bowie has one blue eye and one brown however his first two Merle puppies both had two blue eyes which makes us excited for what is to come. 

Finn the Toy Cavoodle - Guardian


Finn the Toy Cavoodle - Guardian


Well - Finn boy is quite the show stopper! He is such an attention magnet due to his playful, delightful nature. He is just adorable inside and out. He recently began living in Cummins with his Guardian Family and he has settled in so well bringing his older dog brother "Ollie" a new lease of life!

No walk is complete without pats from random strangers! The girls fight for his attention and so do all the kids in the neighbourhood! 

Otis the Toy Poodle - Guardian


Otis is a Chocolate Mini Poodle though he is on the smaller side. He is another of our Guardian dogs and lives in Streaky Bay with my parents Jim and Shirley - he is their baby. Otis has so much charisma and charm. He is cheeky, quick as a whip and I am pretty sure he thinks he is human. He loves kids and hangs out most days with my nieces and my 3 year old nephew - he is playful and gentle even when he is being roughed up a little. My niece Emmie thinks he must be famous with the amount of attention he gets on his walks. His tight curls are soooo soft. We love having Otis over for stays and plays though he isn't much help with year 5 homework. His toilet training has been a dream - he is just so switched on. 

Alby the Medium Poodle - Guardian


The weekend that Alby (formally Tyga) went to stay at my sisters, was the day he made such an impression on their family that they asked to keep him. He is such a darling. I love the videos they send me of him following the kids everywhere. Playing around so gently with my 4 year old Nephew. He is their first Poodle so they have been just so impressed with how quickly he is learning their expectations and family routines. He is just a delight. 

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